The Pembrokeshire Bike Shop Co. Ltd.

Pembrokeshire Bike Shop was a new start-up which began in 2009.

The key objectives were:

To develop a set of brand values.

We fully understood the importance of developing a strong brand identity, after all it would become our DNA.  Once we had developed the values we set processes and worked hard to ensure we reflected them in all of the business’s actions and marketing.

To create a customer journey map.

We believed that we needed to understand and appreciate our business from a customer’s perspective.  We created a customer journey map because we were determined to ensure we underpinned the business with the correct methods that would bring us long term success.  We reasoned that if we understood our customers we would be able to acquire the brands that would best meet their requirements.  Importantly, we wanted to create an experience for each customer by engaging with them and we didn’t want to waste a lot of money marketing in an unplanned and unmeasured way.  Also, we knew that outbound marketing can have a detrimental effect on a customer’s perception of your brand which we were anxious to avoid.

To develop a CRM system.

We were a new company with no customers so we developed a CRM system and we religiously captured information about each person we met.  This helped us enormously, it meant we could refine our marketing, make more effective sales and add value by contacting people when and via the method that most suited them.  After three years we were managing a good sized client database which was helping us to build customer loyalty, gain repeat business and forecast sales for budgeting and stock ordering.

To attract commercial clients.

We particularly wanted to smooth out the peaks and troughs by attracting commercial clients who would provide us with contracted work.  We devised a number of campaigns which helped us to win contracts that provided us with year round product supply and service work.

By 2011, the business had developed some strong relationships through trust and a passion for excellence.  It had an aspiring image and had attracted sought-after brands and discerning customers.

It was the Official Bike Shop Partner of Ironman UK, the Organising Sponsor of The Tour of Pembrokeshire and it had contracts with large commercial organisations.