What happens when someone visits your website?

Is it compatible with their tablet or smart phone?  Does the navigation make sense to them?  Do they find what they’re looking for or do they hit the back button and look elsewhere?  How do you think they perceive your business?  Does it fully represent all the aspects of your business?  Is your site better than your competitors’?  Do you think it could be improved?

How much time did you spend on your marketing last month?

Most people in business today realise the importance of marketing their business, but realisation is only the beginning; your marketing activities are like a machine and need to be continually maintanied or you'll soon run dry of customers.  Running a business is very demanding and often, the first task put on the back burner is marketing.

Can your potential customers find you?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but if your potential customers can’t find your content they’ll spend with another business and once you lose a customer you may never get them back.  Your content may look good to you but if it’s not in the correct format it won’t be found.

Is your marketing ‘Old Hat’, are your competitors overtaking you?

Today, Google operates very differently from how it did a relatively short time ago.  It has now developed a whole series of advanced technical requirements which entails an in-depth knowledge and understanding before they can be used.  The bad news is that if these protocols are not utilised, you’ll not only lose business, you’ll be punished by being shoved down the rankings. So, in a nut shell, all the old school tricks of the trade are 'old hat' and if your site still contains them so will your business be.

Do you benefit from every customer visit?

Like it or not, your business is judged every time someone see any of your marketing material.  Owning a buisness brand is like owning any machine and if you don’t keep it well maintained, it’ll soon be useless. If you snooze, you lose.  Nothing beneficial will occur if you ignore your marketing mix and even if you’re making updates periodically, so are your competitors which basically means you’re standing still. Know your onions; we know our legitimate traffic from our referrer spam so contact us now and get to the top today.