If you had to pop out to your car to get something from the boot you’d probably look out of the window and unless it was absolutely tipping down you’d go in your slippers.

If you had to walk to a local shop to buy some groceries, having checked the weather you’d decide whether you needed a coat, you’d collect your wallet and grab a bag.

If you had to attend a meeting 200 miles away, you’d need to plan a route, decide on transport and consider accommodation.

So why do businesses and organisations open their doors without having a marketing plan?  We’re assuming you’re planning to be around for the next few years when we make this comment.

Having a marketing plan enables you to control costs and make sure the things that bring you income are being carried out and measured so you won’t be worrying about what isn’t being done, especially at night.  We’d like you to feel that you have control of your sales rather than you ‘hoping and praying’ that the phone will ring or the door might open.

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